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3 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

You’re stuck at home. To make matters worse, there’s a project you’ve been meaning to tackle staring you in the face. You see it when you wake up, and you see it when you go to bed. Sound familiar?

You may be wondering if you should try to take matters into your own hands or hire someone else to do it. Of course, DIY projects can be intimidating or exciting. Admittedly, some are either beyond our knowledge or well within our wheelhouse. One thing’s for sure; whether you like DIYs or not, it can be way more convenient and beneficial to ask for help. Ever wondered where to draw that line, though? Let’s look at 3 projects that are most definitely better to hand off to your local handyman.

     1. Electrical Repairs/Replacements

Electrical repairs handled by a handyman can include repairing/replacing ceiling fans and repairing/installing lighting fixtures. While replacing a fixture may be done by homeowners, when it comes down to the wire (get it?), any kind of rewiring or work done around wires can be not only dangerous to you, but also complicated and time consuming. 

For a handyman in Columbia, SC (where T/M Maintenance is located), a general contractor’s license is required for any commercial work that exceeds over $5,000 in valueHandymen are also required to take and pass two exams in order to be granted this license*.

In addition, a handyman will be able to ensure that all electrical work performed is up to code. 

Unlicensed DIY work will only lead to further unwanted projects and, therefore, a higher cost. Sounds like it’s time to call the handyman!

     2. Structural Repairs

Structural repairs often include sheetrock, also called drywall. Since sheetrock is literally everywhere, some common reasons sheetrock may need to be repaired or replaced are water damage, cracks, and maybe even an occasional mishap while moving furniture or too much roughhousing. 

Repairing sheetrock can be an extremely tedious job. The walls of our home/business are something we may take for granted, so when it comes to patching up those holes or even replacing those missing pieces, we may not know where to begin. This is where your local handyman comes in! As a licensed and experienced professional, they will know exactly how to go about fixing up your walls so they look good as new. No need to worry about an accidental incorrect installation or patch job.

We would be happy to assess your drywall repair needs. Feel free to call us at (803) 602-2623, or fill out a site visit request here on our website.

     3. Flooring Repairs

Our last no-go for DIY projects is flooring; specifically tile flooring. 

Now, laying tile is not by any means a difficult project, but the trouble is that it’s all too easy not to lay it well. One misplacement, slight or obvious, could have you regretting having spent your own precious time on tiling your floors. Once that mortar dries, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a way to undo what’s been done. 

A handyman, on the other hand, has all of the tools necessary to cut, lay, and space your tile expertly. They will even be able to spot any potential problems with the subfloor that could go unnoticed by the untrained eye before any actual work begins. Handymen are trained to be efficient and exact in all they do, meaning less stress for you knowing your project is in the hands of a professional.

So, now that you’re armed with this information, what’s the bottom line? A handyman can do many things, and so can you! However, there are just some things that are much better handled by a contracted handyman. Electrical, structural, and flooring repairs and/or replacement are 100% worth calling someone about. Whether it’s for your safety or own peace of mind, a handyman can and will get your job done just how you need it. With their knowledge, experience, and licensing, a handyman is more than well equipped to tackle many seemingly daunting projects.

Shall we call the local handyman?


*Source: South Carolina Handyman Licensing